About the Characters

(zɑr-i-ʌs / ZAR-ee-us)
| Species: Human
| -- Zehu --
|   Powers: Healing of self and others
|   Tell: Veins glow yellow, most noticeable in darkness.
|   Status: Ageless (2nd instance), Ascended

Formerly: Calioso. After extensive crimes committed against the Nexusplane (see Case Number ZA-332647 Calioso VS High Council and associated articles), Calioso was mindwiped and re-introduced into Nexusplane society. The post-mindwipe personality was named Xzarius, and displays a measured, deliberate, and practical personality that is not swayed by emotion.

Though his personality is markedly different from his former self, many still blame Xzarius for the actions of Calioso.

Xzarius is currently employed by the goddess Synandri as her main personal assistant.

(vaɪ-lɪs / VAI-liss)
| Species: Human
| -- Zehu --
|   Powers: Fire, strength
|   Tell: Eyes glow. Naturally a pale blue, they illuminate with a vivid and saturated blue at full power, strongest in irises.
|   Status: CLASSIFIED. Counterpart is [REDACTED]

A self-centered prankster given an unfortunate amount of supernatural strength, Vylis is in it for nothing more than the power and the laughs. He is violent, unpredictable, and seems to be entirely amoral. Most frighteningly, he is quite intelligent, and has an uncanny ability to turn any situation to his advantage.

A prime counter to Xriah's compassion and sensitivity, Vylis simply doesn't care about anyone but himself. He will find a way to have a good time, and it doesn't matter who or what gets in his way.

(zraɪ-ɐ / zRAI-uh)
| Species: Human
| -- Zehu --
|   Powers: Electricity, speed
|   Tell: Hair color. Naturally medium brown, all hair becomes pure white at full power.
|   Status: CLASSIFIED. Counterpart is [REDACTED]

Emotional and sometimes temperamental, Xriah becomes easily attached to the people he meets on the various worlds he is sent to. In the face of the loss of numerous companions, friends, and lovers, Xriah has tried to stay upbeat and optimistic.

Despite his relative youth, his passionate nature makes him a prime candidate for PE generation; he is Synandri's most prized Zehuderan. However, there are hints that the bereavement is taking its toll on him.

(sɪn-ɑn-dri / sin-AHN-dree)
| Species: God
| -- Creator of: Humans --
|   Godly aspect: Crystals, anatomy, insectile wings, multiple arms, iridescence, stardust

Elder god. Founder, owner, and CEO of Sync. The tech conglomerate Sync is estimated to have over a billion employees, and is parent company to such subsidiaries as NexTech, SynanSec, PZE Managements, and NPNTS, among others. Sync produces many vital products and services, such as the Sybar OS, the Auto-God planar interface system, and the EnTran brand of PE transceivers.

As an individual, Synandri has a reputation for being intelligent, efficient, and adaptive. Her employees describe her as “personable,” and have some of the highest employee satisfaction ratings throughout the Nexusplane. Though not without her share of critics, Synandri displays a level of flexibility that has allowed her to remain technologically and financially relevant despite her age.

Synandri's created species, humans, are the most numerous and widespread in the Omniverse, a testament to Synandri's success.

(lɪs:-ʌh / LISS-ah)
| Species: Lami -- [Species Patron: Katurays]
| -- Mortal --
|   Home plane: E08-929-5R3-TYU90-HBH33

A hunter from a tribe of lami that reside at the base of a cliff. She is somewhat of an outsider, and the other members of her tribe consider her rather unapproachable. She typically keeps to herself, and only returns to her cliff village when necessary. Despite this loner behavior, a distinct inquisitiveness can occasionally be caught peeking out from her guarded demeanor.

She displays great loyalty to her people; most especially to the tribe leader Kysstrei, to whom she feels indebted.

(eɪn-dʒel / AEN-jul)
| Species: Artificial Intelligence -- [Species Patron: Unaffiliated]
| -- Mortal --
|   Home plane: G32-687-2P4-KDO730-DWE22

ANGeL is an artificial intelligence built by Amber, housed in a modular chassis that is mounted to her wrist. Though initially he was one of many similar assistance units, Amber customized this one extensively. ANGeL is a very friendly, placid, and approachable individual, who helps everyone around him to the best of his ability.

His journeys through the planes with Amber has had a subtle but distinct effect on his subsystems, and his behavior is beginning to expand beyond his predefined programming.

(æm-bɜː/ AM-bur)
| Species: Human -- [Species Patron: Synandri]
| -- Mortal --
|   Home plane: G32-687-2P4-KDO730-DWE22

Amber comes from an asteroid-belt metropolis on a highly developed, spacefaring plane. Even for a member of such a technologically adept society, Amber is clever and inventive, and was singlehandedly able to develop the ability to travel between dimensions after examining Xriah.

She travels across the dimensions together with her AI companion, ANGeL, cataloguing and mapping the planes and their inhabited worlds as they go. The amount of data they have logged is quite impressive for mortals.

Though excitable in her youth, her enthusiasm has become dampened by time, age, and disillusionment.

(vel-ɑ-diː/ VEHL-a-dee)
| Species: Human
| -- Zehu --
|   Powers: Generation and amplification of sound
|   Tell: A red line on the left side of her face and body that responds to ambient noise.
|   Status: Ascended

Vellady is one of Synandri's Zehuderan and has recently ascended to the Nexusplane. Though still new to Nexusplane society, data shows that she struggles to fit in. She presents a short-sighted and impulsive personality.

Though not without her redeeming qualities, such as a tendency to stick up for others, it is still recommended to monitor her behavior to assess future compatibility with Nexusplane society. It is likely she will need assistance with adapting from her status as a Zehu to her new civilian life.

(iːɒn / ee-ahn)
| Species: Human
| -- Zehu --
|   Powers: Animation and infusion of persistent personalities into skeletal remains
|   Tell: Sharp protrusions of bone protrude from his body
|   Status: Ascended

Zehu are raised on the battlefield, and once they become Ascended those combat instincts don't always leave quickly, or at all. As an officer of the NexGuard, Eon is one of many ascended tasked with maintaining order and protecting the peaceful denizens of the Nexusplane from violent or maladapted individuals.

Though he is aware of certain flaws within it, Eon believes in his work and the inherent good of the people and system that he defends. His methods stick to the straight and narrow; which both gives him an integrity not always matched by his peers, and an inflexibility that can prevent him from recognizing justice outside of the letter of the law.

(aɪrɪs / EYE-riss)
| Species: God
| -- Secretary of the High Council of Gods --
|   Godly aspect: Numerous hands, rainbows, lilies, obsidian

Many people, gods and ascended alike, are familiar with Iris. She is present at all cycles at the front desk of the Council Tower. From there, she greets and assists anyone who walks through the doors; whether it's arranging appointments with council members, providing explanations on political policy, fielding questions, discussing Nexusplane history, or simply giving directions.

Her tireless diligence has made her a beloved and crucial frontwoman for the Council. Her gentle demeanor gives her the unparalleled ability to calm even the most heated of visitors; an indispensable skill on those rare occasions when dissenters arrive at the tower.

(kɑ-tu-rɑ- is / kah-too-RAH-ees)
| Species: God
| -- Creator of: Lami --
|   Godly aspect: Fire, smoke, armored serpent, metal blades

Young god. With only a few worlds, most timeshared with other gods, Katurays is just moving beyond the cusp of what most would consider a fledgling god. Though still relatively new to godhood and godly politics, he has seen a measure of success due to his ability to balance both caution and ambition.

He displays an unusual amount of involvement with his species, even for a young god, and is known to speak to individuals on his primary world in order to advise them. Some question his choice of giving his subjects a non-standard language, but so far it has seemed to cause no issue.

There are rumors that Synandri has taken Katurays on as a student.

(s:ɾɘk͡xis / ss-reh-khEE-s)
| Species: Lami -- [Species Patron: Katurays]
| -- Mortal --
|   Home plane: E08-929-5R3-TYU90-HBH33

Ssrekhys is a member of the Aier-rraive, or the Watch, who are guards and protectors of the lami villages. Though originally from a savannah tribe, he became a member of the cliff tribe, where he holds the title of First of the Watchers.

As a de-facto leader for the guards, his responsibilities include overseeing shifts and training Watchers both old and new. Though viciously competent in close quarters combat, his warm and casual personality makes him approachable and well-suited to the task.

Though he means well, he is known to be a gossip.

(kis:-tre-ɪ / KEEss-tray)
| Species: Lami -- [Species Patron: Katurays]
| -- Mortal --
|   Home plane: E08-929-5R3-TYU90-HBH33

As the leader of the lami cliff tribe, Kysstrei is a respected and trusted individual. She displays a particular knack for reading people and situations, to the point that some wonder if she has some sort of supernatural ability. This has been the basis for a lot of speculation and good-natured rumors.

Though sociable and understanding, she is capable of becoming coldly ruthless in an instant if she believes it necessary. She has protected her tribe from many dangers, and will continue to do so, regardless of personal risk.

(ɶ-ɻäm / uh-rahm)
| Species: Archai -- [Species Patron: Devokk (Deceased)]
| -- Mortal --
|   Home plane: E08-929-5R3-TYU90-HBH33

A practitioner of his home plane's ingrained magic, called runemagic, Aram formerly enjoyed a position of status, if not renown. Though somewhat reserved and often considered stuffy, Aram was a voice of reason, particularly when it came to safety and practical application of theoretical concepts.

The Archai's patron god, Devokk, waged a genocide against his own created species. Aram is one of the last two Archai left in the Omniverse. He has spent the last several centuries on his own in the overgrown ruins of the city of Uvett, attempting to negate the magic within.

(ɪä-määt / yah-MAAht)
| Species: Archai -- [Species Patron: Devokk (Deceased)]
| -- Mortal --
|   Home plane: E08-929-5R3-TYU90-HBH33

A charismatic and influential person, Yamaat was a shining star of Archai intellectual society. From his position as High Scribe, he was able to propose, oversee, and implement many cutting-edge advancements to Archaian magitech. Though occasionally viewed as audacious, his dogged persistence when it came to accomplishing his goals earned him respect and results.

The Archai's patron god, Devokk, waged a genocide against his own created species. Yamaat is one of the last two Archai left in the Omniverse. Though he had previously experimented with body modification, he has taken to it in the extreme, sculpting his physical form to suit his visionary purpose.